Protect your "nest egg"

"The cost of long term care can be staggering and most families either can't afford it, or don't want to spend their entire nest egg on it, because they would be unable to leave a legacy for their loved ones." - News Week, Nov. 2016

Senior Planners of Texas believes that it is our duty to educate the public regarding their options during difficult times at absolutely no obligation. We partner with Eldercare professionals across the state to provide resources to seniors.

Our Goal

Our goal is to enable our clients to make informed decisions that provide peace of mind and financial security. Seniors and their families get immediate answers to complex and sensitive questions by calling our professional staff local 

“As you enter a time in your life when long-term care may be needed, you should be able to enter this new transition counting the number of loved ones in your life and the friends you’ve made along the way, not the diminishing dollars you now have left because of long-term care.”