Be “Shure” That Your Senior Can Take The Step!- Falling Fiasco

Delegated Daughter
It’s been a hectic couple of weeks to say the least. Of course, what week isn’t an adventure with my parents, right?

“Geeze dad, you look like you’ve been hit by a truck… multiple times perhaps…,” that’s what I wanted to say, as I inspected the bruise on his face and the several accompanying bruises along his arms.

But if my parent’s… well mom taught me anything in life, it was the adage, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. My dad never got that memo in life, but it didn’t mean I had to lack sympathy for him right now.

“Well, it could be worse…,” I decided to voice instead, because well, it very well could have been worse. But it was still bad. See, dad had a fall. And with someone his age, it’s not a graceful “oops, I tripped, now let me just get right back up” sort of fall. It’s more like a “let me break my fall with my face and every appendage on my body” type of fall that leaves you on the ground in need of assistance or you’ll be left lying there.

It’s likely because of the look of horror on my face that dad’s response was, “well, the face you’re making at me is probably worse than mine right now. I’ll be fine! You and your mother need to stop nit picking me, if it weren’t for you two, I wouldn’t have to be on this medication that makes me feel dizzy every time I get up!”

“If the medication wasn’t necessary, the doctor wouldn’t have put you on it! And if it weren’t for us nit picking you to go to the doctor, then you’d have a whole mess of other problems you’d likely blame on us,” mom shouted, making both my dad and I shut our mouths in shock. Kudos to mom! After all these years, she finally found her voice of reason with my dad.

Not every elderly loved one suffers from traumatic falls. Some are less severe, causing only a minor bruise and a blow to the self-esteem, and some do cause more serious injuries like broken bones, but they ALL are scary!

It’s important to remind your loved one that it’s okay if they need to take things a little slower. Some medications do influence the body’s ability to adjust to quick transitions. And it’s also okay if they can no longer easily reach something they were once able to, or need that extra help getting themselves in bed. But it is important to know what they are now capable of handling to stay safe.

As it is, I like to think I’m still a sprightly individual, but I still know my limitations when it comes to my vertical abilities because of my height. So, you better believe, even at my age I keep a step stool in almost every room of my house.

If your elderly loved one needs some assistance in this department, or heck, if you just want one for yourself, I highly encourage you to check out Shure Step, and our website for a free giveaway for one.