Many veterans or spouses think that they may not qualify, when in fact they do

picture3This is where our professionals can help you!

Our trained staff can put you in touch with an Eldercare Professional who knows all of the details of the Aid and Attendance program and can assist you in qualification even if assets or income seem excessive.


 How can you Qualify?

  1. You must have a need for assistance either at home or at a facility.
    • You do not need to be disabled.
    • If you are disabled, the disabilities do not need to be service related.

How much are the Benefits?

  • $1,794 per month or $22,104 per year for a single Veteran.
  • $2,127 per month or $26,208 per year for a married Veteran.
  • $1,153 per month or $13,836 per year for a surviving Spouse.

This money is tax free and does not affect your Social Security benefits or cause them to be taxed.

Contact us  so we can assist you with fast track processing.